Neighborhood Associations

The Downtown Residential Council is composed of participating neighborhood associations that help to build community and contribute to the vibrancy of Downtown Long Beach. Click on each organization to link to their information page. See map below for neighborhood boundaries.

Neighborhood Association Members:

ORCA – Ocean Residents Community Association

ORCA LogoA neighborhood association made up of residents along the Ocean Blvd. Corridor in Long Beach.

The ORCA organization advocates for issues affecting the residents of the Ocean Blvd. residential area and promotes the improvement of the community.

ORCA meets on the 4th Monday of each month from 7:00-8:30pm in various locations. See link above to follow their news and notifications.


NPNA – North Pine Neighborhood Alliance

NPNA LogoThe North Pine Neighborhood Alliance is a neighborhood association representing the residents of Downtown Long Beach. It includes most of the Downtown Loft developments including the Walker Building, Kress Lofts, Temple Lofts, Courtyard Lofts and numerous other residential developments like Pine Plaza, 838 Pine and City Place Apartments.

The NPNA is a progressive group of Long Beach residents focused on creating a metropolitan and sustainable community. Issues that are important to the NPNA include Retail Recruitment, Green Issues, Urban Landscaping, Public Safety, Clean Streets and creating positive change in the Downtown.

NPNA) meets quarterly (January, April, June, and October) in various locations on the 4th Monday at 6:00 p.m., and the executive committee meets monthly. See link above to follow their news and notifications.


WGCA – West Gateway Community Association

WGCA LogoFolks who live/work/play downtown enjoy the WGCA as a meeting place for social events & neighborhood participation.

The West Gateway is the portal into Downtown Long Beach. It is one of six unique and diverse neighborhoods that unite the residents of Downtown with those who live, work and play here. See link above to follow their news and notifications.


WCHA – Willmore City Heritage Association

WCHA LogoThe Willmore City Heritage Association is committed to the preservation and improvement of the physical environment and quality of life in the Willmore City / Drake Park neighborhood.

Erwin Willmore founded Willmore City in 1882, bounded by Magnolia on the west, California on the East, Tenth Street on the north, and Ocean Park on the south. By May of 1884, however, sales of homesites in Willmore City failed to reach expectations, and Willmore was obliged to abandon all of his interest in a contract held jointly with investors Jotham Bixby, Llewellyn Bixby and Thomas Flint. The investors renamed the town Long Beach, and it eventually became a thriving recreational respite from Los Angeles. The WCHA was founded in 1976, and gained historic landmark district designation for the current Willmore area in 1979.

WCHA meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 7:00-9:00pm at 906 N. Park Circle, Long Beach. See link above to follow their news and notifications.


Neighborhood Associates:

EVA and PARA Logos